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Total Care and Support

At Maymar Expert Care we provide daily support, night care and domiciliary care in Oxfordshire and Northampton. If you or a loved one are looking for assistance in your home, we can help with a number of tasks. Our vetted and well trained staff are here to assist with all of the chores, errands and day to day living that will ensure you or your loved one lives a healthy and fulfilling life. We understand the importance of compassion, respect and inpendence and we endeavour to always go the extra mile.

Whatever condition or disability you or your loved one have, we believe you have the right to an autonomous, active life and to always be treated with respect – and it is this ethos which runs through the service we provide. We specialise in elderly care, disability care and mental health care. Please get in touch to for a consultation if you are looking for domiciliary care in Oxfordshire and Northampton.

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Our Services

There are a number of tasks that we can help with. Some of these include:

Personal care

Home care

 Shopping trips

 Lifestyle support

 Managing Behaviour

 Housekeeping/House work

 Cooking & meal planning

 Developing skills (Domestic, social and life skills)

 Recovery plans

 Night care/night time assistance

 Taking medication

 Mobility support


This list is not exhaustive, if you need help with a task that is not listed – please get in touch if you need domiciliary care in Oxfordshire, and we can discuss your requirements. 






Who We Care for


Elderly Care

As you grow old, we understand just how important it is to be able to stay in the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, over time it can get harder completing the day to day tasks that allow you to live your life the way you want. Perhaps you just need help with something simple, or you may need through the night care. Whatever the case, our friendly care workers are here to make your life manageable once again.

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Physical Disability Care

There are a number of physical disabilities that we can provide expert care for. If you have suffered an accident and need help rehabilitating, we can help you as you learn to adjust and regain your independence. If you have an ongoing physical condition, we can help with all of the essential household tasks as well as provide friendly companionship.

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Mental Health Care

If you or a loved one have difficulty with mental health, we can provide care, assistance and support to make it easier to manage. Whatever condition you or your loved one has, consistency and companionship will provide stability. We, at Maymar Expert Care are here to help with all of the daily tasks that will help you or your loved one live a rewarding life.

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Where We Serve

Maymar Expert Care is based in Northampton. We provide domiciliary care in both Oxfordshire and Northampton. If you are looking for empathetic care in your home, please contact us and let us know what help you need.